Rising Interest in Sports Worldwide to Fuel Demand for Baseball Uniforms Market

Published On : 02 May 2018

In past few years, there has been a substantial development of sports uniforms. With several companies pouring in money for research and development of more innovative sport uniforms, ranging from sweat proof t-shirts to more comfortable shoes, the market is expected to grow at a significant pace in the due course of coming years. This is mainly on account of sponsors pouring money into the area of sports and subsequently events getting more commercialized and large.

Baseball is one such sport which is a rage in several nations, especially in the US. More so because the game has evolved mainly in North America region by the migrants, and is widely recognized as their national sport since 19th century. This has resulted in various firms investing in better sports uniforms to enhance the comfort of the players so as to make them more efficient. Owing to this, the global baseball uniforms market is expected to witness a notable growth in coming few years.

Advancement in Technology Propels Development of Improved Baseball Uniforms

The baseball game is a million dollar industry in the U.S. where various sponsors are indulging in marketing their brands through sports uniforms. Moreover, due to advancement in technology, innovative smart shoes, better fabrics, sweat absorbing fabrics, knee pads, more evolved helmets, and so on are being launched every now and then.

As far as top companies operating in the global baseball uniforms market are concerned, Rawlings is known to produce high quality gadgets and accessories for example bats, gloves and helmets. Now, as the brand is shining all over the world, various teams are also looking forward to wear Rawlings’ uniforms as well, owing to its popularity and reliability in terms of safety and comfort. Another well-known firm among the American team sports is Under Armour. It has various price points which provides various options to the consumers to choose among those. The company offers several high end options such as customized button colors and piping in the uniform.

New Entrants to Face Tough Competition from Pre-Existing Firms

Apart from these two firms, Adidas is another giant which is leading the market with its wide range of gears, accessories, and uniforms. It is among the well-known uniform brand with limited customizations possible. However, this one doesn’t have as many price variations as Under Armour or Rawlings, in terms of affordability. Teams that are looking for customized uniforms, are more inclined towards Russell Athletic, which is one of the best known name in baseball community, even though the brand is not just baseball-specific.

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Looking at the current scenario, the new entrants are foreseen to face an immense struggle to set their foot in the market, owing to intense competition in the market among the pre-existing firms. Some of the other important companies operating in the Baseball Uniforms Market on the global scale are Uniform Store, Jesery Factory, Mizuno, Wooter Apparel, MLB, Majestic Athletic, and NIKE.

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