Global Market for Baby Skin Care Products Helped by Rising Disposable Incomes

Published On : 12 Dec 2016

The featured report on QYResearchReports, titled “Global Baby Skin Care Cream Market Research Report 2016” analyzes the market by taking into consideration historical data and the current competitive landscape. Using those, it forecasts the market’s growth prospects in the upcoming years. It furnishes both current and forecast figures to enable companies to arrive at sound decisions and strategies

Baby and child-specific products, which are mainly consumed from birth until the age of four, have a market worth billions. It can be segmented into toiletries, bath products, baby hair care products, and baby skin care products. Among them, toiletries and skin care products are leading the market and are predicted to maintain their dominant positions in the coming years as well. The baby skin care products segment includes baby powder, body lotions, massage oil, and creams.

The high global birth rate, coupled with rising disposable incomes on account of both parents working and smaller sized families, has majorly contributed to the growth of the global market for baby skin care creams. Further, rapid urbanization and better informed parents have resulted in the swift uptake of products. Countering the market’s growth, however, is the high cost of product development, which often makes the final products pricey, and also stringent rules regarding the use of chemicals. Additionally, the products need to pass clinical trials, which incurs high costs. 

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The report segments the global baby skin care cream market into natural, synthetic, and type III. It calculates the sales, revenue, and market share of each segment. Application-wise, it divides the market into family, nursery, and center for the month. It forecasts the market from 2011 to 2021 by product, by application, and by region. United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, India, and Japan are the regions the report delves into. It finds that encouraging government initiatives in developed nations alongside the high spending power of their inhabitants has boosted the demand for baby skin care cream.

The report profiles the prominent names operating in the industry by studying their product offerings, sales, revenues, competitive strategies, and market share. Some such names are Johnson & Johnson, Pigeon, Mustela, YMJ, Sebamed, Carefor, Penaten, and Frog Prince Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. The report also tries to gauge the manufacturing costs by factoring in price trends of key raw materials and labor. It further discusses the availability and concentration of raw materials and their suppliers. It analyses the entire manufacturing process too. 

The report throws light on the industrial chain, upstream raw material sourcing, and downstream buyers. It studies the distribution channel by factoring in both direct and indirect marketing. In a bid to zero in on crucial factors impacting the market, the report outlines the effect of substitutes, and technological progress in the industry and related industries. It peruses consumer needs and preferences and impact of macro-economic factors such as changing economic and political environment. The report leverages graphs and tables to present a torrent of facts and figures in a comprehensive and interesting manner.

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