Global Automotive Keyless Go Market to Expand Alongside Rising Use of Automation in Several Industries

Published On : 27 Jul 2018

The global market for automotive keyless go has been expanding alongside the use of automation technologies in the automotive industry. A keyless go or keyless entry system enables users to unlock the cars without keys, and by means of a gesture of external device. The users may be given smart cards or fobs to unlock the car without using a key, or may even unlock the car with the help of facial recognition features or through their voice. The cars are equipped with systems that can recognise the voice, gesture, face, or fingerprints of the user once it has been recorded in the algorithm. The demand for automotive keyless go has been increasing because the manufacturers of cars are on a quest to up their game of automation. The consumers are persuaded to buy the cars by the automobile companies through several marketing hacks. One of the key strategies employed by these companies to woo the customers is by installing smart systems such as keyless entry in cars. The growth of the global automotive keyless go market is expected to attract commendable demand over the forthcoming years as the automotive industry inculcates innovation. 

This article by QY Research is a deft description of the various factors that have led to the growth of the global automotive keyless go market over the previous years. Furthermore, the article also elucidates the possible drivers of demand within the global market for automotive keyless go in the years to come. 

1. Sectors Deploying Automotive Keyless Go Systems 

The use of automotive keyless go systems has pervaded across several sectors, and this h hugely benefitted the global market for automotive keyless go. The transport industry is amongst the most ardent consumer of the keyless go market due to the explicit need for safety and security within this industry. The government is often required to carry out key transport operations of goods that hold national significance. In order to protect thefts or damage to these goods, the government uses automotive keyless go in its vehicles. The hospitality sector is another key industry that uses automotive keyless go systems in order to enhance the security and integrity of its operations. 

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2. North American Dominance

The demand for automotive keyless go in the US and Canada has been tracing an ascending graph over the past years. This is due to the sophistication of key sectors using automotive keyless go systems in these countries. Hence, the overall market for automotive keyless goin North America has reached new milestones in recent times. 

3. Market Players

The key players in the global market for automotive keyless go include Omron, Hella, Calsonic Kansei, Alps, Mitsubishi Elecric, and Panasonic. These market players are expected to concentrate on devising better marketing strategies to make their products more sellable.

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