Importance of Automotive Hub Bearing for Vehicle Safety Thrusts Automotive Hub Bearing Market

Published On : 06 Jun 2018

The global automotive hub bearing is predicted to display steadfast growth in the years ahead. Apart from allowing wheels to turn freely, wheel hub bearing plays an important role in the safety and handling feature of the vehicle. Wheel hub bearing is critical to the performance of automobiles from smoothness to fuel efficiency to integrity of anti-lock breaking system. Wheel hub bearing comprises precision-manufactured bearings, seals, and sensors in one pre-assembled unit. Wheel hub bearing when replaced needs to be as good and safe as the one that originally comes with the vehicle.

The automobile’s hub bearings include wheel speed sensor that controls the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system (ABS). The wheel’s sensor sends constant signal to the anti-lock braking system to notify how fast each wheel is turning. In the event of an emergency, ABS control system will establish if anti-lock braking is needed. If the ABS sensor doesn’t work satisfactorily or fails, the ABS system fails, the quality of this sensor is critical to braking safety. 

Hub bearings in vehicles are critical to traction control system. A vehicle’s traction control system (TCS) employs a mix of electronic drivetrain controls in concomitance with ABS system. Since TCS uses the same components AND wheel speed sensors as ABS system, it can be considered to be a part of that system. ABS and TCS work together to enable the driver to have full control over the vehicle in potentially dangerous road conditions. 

Value Grade Hub Bearings Pose Risk to Vehicle Safety

Hub bearings the value grade ones are very low priced. Unfortunately, low price hub bearings are inferior in quality to premium quality original equipment hub bearing. Value grade hubs have proven to be low performing and do not provide real value in the long run. So much so, value grade hubs last half as long as premium hubs. The cheap seals of value grade hubs allow moisture and contaminants to enter and destroy the bearing prematurely, which requires it to be replaced by a new hub in as little as 10,000 miles. They can generate annoying wheel vibration and noise. Value grade hubs can cause malfunctioning of anti-lock braking system, leading to safety concerns for the vehicle. They can lead to the wheel coming off while the automobile is in motion to cause a fatal accident. 

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Value grade hub bearings are manufactured using low quality steel and improper manufacturing techniques. These hubs can degrade quickly and cause excessive vibration and noise. At high speeds, the steel can fracture and cause the wheel to break off.

Key companies in the global automotive hub bearing market include SKF, NTN, ILJIN, Wanxiang, GKN, TIMKEN, Harbin Bearing, CU Group, Xiangyang Automobile Bearing, Schaeffler, NSK, JTEKT, Nachi-Fujikoshi, Hubei New Torch, GMB, FKG Bearing, PFI, and Xiangyang Xinghuo.

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