Global Automotive Air Conditioner System Boosted Due to Demand for Comfort Driving

Published On : 16 Aug 2018

The global automotive air conditioner industry is blooming due to rise in construction activities and urbanization. These are the major instruments for growth of the same. The leading companies engaged in global automotive air conditioners are expanding their limits so as to work on larger scale due to increase in logistics and transportation industry. The rise in intermodal transport and cargo traffic will prove beneficial to global automotive air conditioner industry. The main function of automotive air conditioner system is to remove humidity and cool the vehicle. The heat is removed by convection or conduction method. The system includes ventilator, moisture remover, cooling unit, and heating unit. 

Customers Preferring Automotive Air Conditioner System to Avoid Pollution 

Increased amount of vehicle production is likely to increase the demand for automotive air conditioner systems. Customers require comfort while driving their vehicle. To avoid changing weather condition with pollution level they adopt automotive air conditioner system for their vehicle. The rise in temperature is also increasing demand for automotive air conditioner system. The automotive air conditioner system helps in cleaning and disinfecting the air we breathe inside our vehicles. This is highly helpful for people who suffer from allergies or asthma as it cleans bacteria, pollen, and dust from the air. Cadillac, comfort control is the new feature of automotive air conditioner that is being adopted very quickly by customers globally. The advanced functionality of automotive air conditioner is increasing its demand among customers rapidly.

The automotive air conditioner system has certain restrains that holds it back from flourishing in the market. Certain health problems arises due to usage of automotive air conditioner system such as aggravation of respiratory problems, skin dryness and so on. Automotive air conditioner system also consumes large amount of fuel for operating. Therefore, manufacturers are engaging in innovating air conditioning system that are lightweight and small in size.   

Automotive Air Conditioner System Demand Spreading Across Regions Owning to Technological Advancement

Automotive air conditioner system is segmented according to configuration, vehicle type, technology, and region. According to technology, the automotive air conditioner system is segmented into manual, semiautomatic, and automatic. Among these, automatic air conditioner system is expected to lead and hold the largest share in the revenue growth because of technology advancement. 

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Automotive air conditioner system is spread across regions such as Latin America, Asia pacific, Middle East & Africa, Europe, and North America. Among these, Europe and North America will be the leading region, holding the maximum share and showing significant rise in the coming years. North America will witness growth due to increased growth of vehicle production along with rise in comfort and safety in this region. Government initiatives in Asia pacific countries such as India, Japan, and China to promote advancement in technologies in automotive sector will boost the growth of automotive air conditioner system in this region. 

The leading companies in this sector are expected to expand and promote their limits. Some of the leading companies in automotive air conditioner system industry are General Auto, Japan Climate Systems Corporation, Toyota Industries, Yorozu America Corporation, Delphi PLC, Valeo SA, SANDEN USA, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Calsonic Kansei Corporation, Hanon Systems, Eberspacher Group, Mahle GmbH, and TransAir Manufacturing

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