The Global Automation Textile Market to Grow Due To Rise in Demand for High Quality Clothes

Published On : 28 Aug 2018

The global automation textile market is anticipated to witness a surge in demand due to the rise in demand of more textile product in order to satisfy ever rising population. Modernization has touched every industry the world, and textile industry is no different. Software and machinery has come to a major play in manufacturing clothes that we wear on a day to day basis. 

It has been noticed that almost in every stage of textile manufacturing. Some of the companies completely rely on machines to manufacture the product rather than using labors. This helps the owners to produce the product at a faster rate without spending more behind the labors. It has been found that in developed and industrialized nations, the textile manufacturers rely on robots in sewing. These robots are known as sewbots. This has helped the manufacturers to get rid of unskilled labors. The maintenance cost of sewbots has been found to be similar to the cost spent behind employing labors. 

There are certain software applications that are used to enhance the quality and efficiency of the products, thus helping the market to grow at an exponential rate. When humans work on textile industry there is always a chance of errors which impacts on the sales of a manufacturer.  The demand for error free clothes accompanied with complicated design is making the manufacturer to uptake sewbots.

Technological Advancements Has Promoted the Growth of the Global Automation Textile Market

Technological advancements in the automation market in textile industry is promoting the growth of the market. There have been several technological advances in the market. With the help of machines, manufactures tend to produce twice to thrice the number of products that they used to manufacture with the help of labors. It has also been noticed that the use of automation in textile industry has catered a safer working conditions for its workers. The textile industry which consist of dangerous process such as spinning and dyeing and are considered dangerous to human life, can be easily done with the help of machines. These machines are able to handle the bulk of such difficult process with ease. These are some of the factors that has bolstered the growth of the market.

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High Cost at an Initial Stage Curbs the Growth of the Global Automation Textile Market

In some parts of the world, the pay offered by the manufacturers to its labors are pretty less, thus if such manufacturers uptakes automation, it is going to cost him a hefty amount at an initial stage. Various parts of the machine might costs on a different basis depending upon the output that it promises to offer. Thus in order to get decent product, a manufacturer has to spend a huge amount. Failure and maintainece of these machines are anticipated to incur a heavy loss to the manufacturer, as reduced production rate accompanied with the costs of repairing is anticipated to deter the growth of the market. 

Another factor that is deterring the growth of the market is that the machines are replacing a bulk of human jobs. For example, Mohammadi Fashion Sweaters Ltd, a Bangladesh based textile manufacturing has installed 173 German made knitting machines which has replaced the work for not that less than 500 workers. The company is known to produce sweaters for brand such as H&M, and Zara. 

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