Athletic Footwear Market to see Increasing Focus on Marketing and Product Development by Top-Selling Brands

Published On : 14 Jan 2019

Athleisure is another bubble ruling sportswear fashion cycle and is unlikely to subside anytime soon. The growing popularity of athletic footwear is one of the trends that seem to have gained strength from this bubble. Combining the benefits of injury prevention and increased athletic performance, athletic footwear had gained demand momentum among sportspersons world over. The footwear emerged as increasingly effective in helping them prevent foot and ankle injuries that is so common in sports and proved to be promising in enhancing their performance. 

The same characteristics of performance and injury protection were useful for people who have had inclination toward sports and fitness-related activities. The athletic footwear market has thus been gathering steam among the masses across the globe who are increasingly taking part in sports and running activities to keep themselves fit. The rising number of people participating in sports such as football and basketball is a key factor driving the athletic footwear market. 

Extensive Promotions by Retailers and Footwear Brands to create Lucrative Prospects

Rising awareness about the health benefits of athletic activities is a key factor fueling the expansion of the athletic footwear market. Growing number of hiking and trekking activities and growing number of people who resort to running for specific fitness goals are trends boosting the market. A study by foresees enormous potential in the market. The rising sales of sports leisure products, dovetailed by extensive promotions by retailers and footwear brands, has helped to generate promising revenues in the market. In recent years, casual athletic footwear and running-inspired shoes have witnessed rapid rise in demand in numerous developing countries. 

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Focus on Variations in Material and Weight in Athletic Footwear to pave way to Design Innovations

There is a rising shift from low-quality athletic footwear to high-quality ones. World over, brands are reaping the opportunities to fuel long-term, sustainable growth. To this end, several retailers and top-selling brands are gradually but steadily focusing on marketing and product development to drive a trajectory of healthy growth in the athletic footwear market. In this regard, they are focusing on enhancing the convenience and comfort of prospective customers. Furthermore, the focus of footwear brands on bringing innovations with the help of design and variations in material and weight is a notable trend that will see new demand dynamics in the market. The focus on various structural considerations in shoe design is an important case in point. 

However, intensifying competition in the market may prove unfavorable to its growth dynamics. One of the factors that played crucial role in this trend is the glut of athletic shoes. Nevertheless, rising number of specialty stores in parts of developing countries, coupled with rising disposable incomes of the people, is drawing attractive revenues in the market. The growing shift toward no-one-size-fits policy by manufacturers and retailers will allure new set of consumers across the world. 

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