Conferring High-performance Properties on Displays make AR Scratch-Resistant Sheet Coatings demand Attractive

Published On : 13 Jun 2018

Coating technologies have undergone considerable advancements in the recent decade driven by the changing requirement of application areas in various end-use industries. A wide range of consumer devices and components in several sectors demand abrasion-resistant (AR) and scratch- and impact-resistant coatings. These coatings are used on variety of sheet surfaces to increase their performance in a wide range of applications such as in multimedia displays, handheld electronic devices, mobile phone screens, and point of purchase displays, flat panel monitors, LCD screens, and signs and directories. AR and scratch-resistant coatings are popularly applied on acrylic and polycarbonate sheets of varying colors and thickness, where either one or both sides are coated. This is done to impart a variety of performance-enhancing properties to these sheets. 

According to estimates by QYResearchReports, the global AR scratch-resistant sheet coating market is projected to rise at a lucrative pace during the forecast period of 2013 - 2025. The rising demand for AR scratch-resistant sheet coatings in industries such as consumer electronics and displays is a crucial factor propelling the growth of the market. Apart from retail displays, these coatings are used for door panels and framing to make them increasingly impact resistant. 

Technological Advances make AR scratch-resistant Coated Sheets-based Display in Consumer Electronics Commonplace

The rising ubiquity of smartphones among consumers globally has propelled substantial advancements in their displays used. The need to make these displays impact and scratch resistance, while providing optical clarity has bolstered the uptake of such coating in the cell phone manufacturing market. Manufacturers using these coatings can garner the benefit of better optimal screen visibility and impact resistance, ensuring high levels of product reliability and use. 

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The demand for AR coated sheets in outdoor displays is driven by the presence of adverse weathering conditions these are exposed to. The coating does not hinder the light transmission even in inclement weather. The considerable ease with which the coated acrylic sheets can be fabricated stands as another lucrative proposition in the market. Innovations in displays will create new, exciting avenues for the demand for AR scratch-resistant sheet coatings. 

Some Promising Product Development Catalyzing Uptake of AR Scratch-Resistant Sheet Coating

The AR and scratch resistant coatings can be applied on a variety of plastic substrates. Substantial advancements in coating processes and in curing technologies have made the application of AR and scratch-resistant coatings easier. This augurs well for the market. Vendors offering these coatings seeking to bring product advancements are increasingly focusing on soil resistance, oleophobicity, and hydrophobicity. The advent of customized coating formulations to meet specific customer demands also have a positive bearing on the growth of the market. The demand for anti-scratch coatings for automotive components is also witnessing some exciting developments, where personal safety is vital. 

Some of the prominent players engaged in bringing innovations in AR scratch-resistant sheet coating market include Bayer AG, Schott AG, Techplast Coated Products Inc. and Plaskolite Inc.

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