Global Application Delivery Controller Market to be Driven by Increased Investment on Improving IT Infrastructure in Enterprise Sector

Published On : 21 Aug 2018

An application delivery controller (ADC) is a crucial network component—a hardware device or a software program—that plays a key role in managing or directing the flow of data between two entities. These controllers essentially operate to manage and optimize the way in which a client machine connects with enterprise application servers or the web, acting as the load balancing system between servers and accelerating applications in the process.

New-age ADCs Capable of Effectively Replacing Conventional Load Balancing Systems

Vast technological advancements in the field of application delivery controllers in the past few years has led to the development of new application delivery controllers with improved features that easily surpass the functionality of conventional load balancing systems such as firewalls for web applications and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) offloading applications. While performing functions such as optimizing reliability, end-user performance, use of data center resources, load balancing, and security for enterprise applications, ADCs also perform tasks such as traffic shaping, caching, multiplexing, compression, and content switching.

The rising flow of business data in and out of enterprises in the past few years has necessitated the adoption of effective load balancing systems such as application delivery controllers. The global ADC market has thus expanded at a promising pace in the past few years and is likely to exhibit a promising growth potential in the next few years as digitization becomes a norm in the worldwide enterprise sector and focus on effective networking becomes strong. Rise in investment aimed at the improvement of IT infrastructure in the enterprise sector across emerging economies is also expected to play a decisive role in the future development of the global ADC market.

Asia Pacific and North America to Feature Promising Growth Opportunities

The market for application delivery controllers in Asia Pacific is presently considered to be the most lucrative regional market owing to a thriving enterprise sector and increased investment on the improvement of IT infrastructure across industries. The increased penetration of internet in the region in the past few years and the rising adoption of cloud-based applications across a number of industries is also a key factor driving the application delivery controllers market in the region. The region is likely to present lucrative growth opportunities for the market in the near future as well, contributing a notable share to the global market revenues in the next few years.

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The market in North America is also expected to present promising growth prospects, thanks to the well-established networking infrastructure in a number of industries, high rate of digitization across enterprises, and the increased preference to cloud-based applications. The North America ADC market also benefits from the presence of a large number of OEMs and network providers.

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