Global Sales of Almond Milk Pose Stiff Competition to High-calorie Organic Milk

Published On : 21 Nov 2016 has announced the addition of a new research report titled “Global Almond Milk Sales Market Report 2016.” The 103-page comprehensive publication presents a comprehensive picture of the current competitive dynamics and future growth prospects in the almond milk market in the face of stiff competition from similar products such as soy milk.

Gradually supplanting the demand for organic milk, almond milk has managed to establish a solid foothold in the market for dairy-alternative milk. One of the main reasons for this is its pleasing flavor and ability to blend easily in different forms of liquids, semi-solids, and solids. As a result of such properties, almond milk is increasingly being used as a base for smoothies and as an additive in hot and cold beverages such as coffee or tea. Besides this, the fact that almond milk is naturally free from lactose makes it an ideal healthy drink for lactose-intolerant consumers. It is also low in calories, making it a perfect choice for the calorie conscious. Further, it can supersede milk for baking purposes as well.

In order to study the global sales of almond milk in depth, the report segments it region-wise into the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan. It analyzes trends in each region by factoring in key players operating in the market, their current market size in terms of sales and revenue, and the projected growth revenue-wise till 2021. Among the four regions – all of which have seen a steady spike in demand – North America and Europe have seen maximum growth revenue-wise. 

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Having analyzed the market for almond milk by region, the report goes onto segment it by product type and application into three parts. It takes up each segment and studies its revenue, market share, and growth prospects. The report also presents a cost analysis of the market, wherein it talks about the availability and prices of raw materials, their main suppliers, and the cost of labor. All of that is meant to help new and established players in the industry to draw an idea about the current manufacturing costs.

The report analyzes the industrial chain, including raw material sourcing strategies and downstream buyers. It outlines the marketing, branding, and pricing strategies of distributers and traders to acquire and retain clients. It also peruses the direct and indirect marketing channels in the global almond milk market.

Various technological developments in the recent past have shaped the global market for almond milk. While some have provided a fillip to the market growth, others have negatively impacted the market. The report sheds light on all such important innovations and goes onto elaborate upon threat from substitutes, technology progress in related industries, the effects of changing economic and political scenario, and the evolution of consumers’ preferences and requirements.

Some of the prominent companies operating in the global almond milk market that have been profiled in the report are Blue Diamond Growers, Earth's Own Food Company, Califia Farms, WhiteWave Foods, and Nutriops. The research study mentions their product offerings, pricing, revenue, and sales figures. 

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