Augmenting Incidence of Age-related Diseases Pushes Global Active Pharma Ingredient Market on Growth Path

Published On : 27 Dec 2016 has updated its database with the addition of a new report titled “Global Active Pharma Ingredient Market Research Report 2016”. The report, compiled for the forecast period 2016–2021, gives an encyclopedic analysis and scope of the global market, keeping in view the salient products thriving in the industry. Based on type of product, sales area, and manufacturing base distribution, the authors of the report have thoroughly studied different manufacturers competing in the market.

The global active pharma ingredient (API) market report extends its profound analysis by profiling top competitors such as Cipla, Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lonza Group, North East Pharmaceutical, Pfizer, Sun Pharmaceutical, DSM, Teva, BASF, Aurobindo Pharma, Cambrex, Novartis, Bayer, Haerbin Pharmaceutical, Biocon, Lupin, and Dr. Reddy’s. Each of the important players in the market is explored based on critical analysis in terms of competition, application, product type, and specification. Besides the main overview, the report introduces the players with information about their basic business aspects and pivotal factors such as manufacturing base.

The geographic classification of the international API market includes leading regions and countries poised to make an impact. Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, China, and India are extensively researched to pinpoint their measure of influence and contribution in the market. On the basis of region, the market is scrupulously examined to interpret its vital facets, including production, consumption, revenue, market share, import, export, and price and gross margin. North America may prove itself as a key segment, riding on an elevating demand for specialty drugs and exclusive pharmaceutical developments in the region.

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Considering the parameter of type, the worldwide active pharma ingredient market is categorized into six segments, viz. amino acid, hormone, antibiotic, vitamin, antipyretic and analgesic activities, and cardiovascular. Interested buyers of the study are provided with a comprehensive investigation of the market with regard to principal considerations such as production growth, value, market share, and price trend.

By application, the report segregates the global active pharma ingredient market into three segments. The consumption, consumption growth rate, and share of the market according to application are significantly evaluated. The report also offers key drivers and opportunities in the market along with an exclusive review of the potential applications and emerging markets.

The analysis on market effect factors discussed in the report throws light on the threat of substitutes, change in political and economic environment, consumer needs, and other decisive factors.

Some of the obvious drivers that the active pharma ingredient market is anticipated to cash in on are the advancement of high potency APIs, superior healthcare initiatives by governments, prevalence of age and lifestyle related diseases, rise in consciousness about quality personal healthcare, and development in API technologies. The market may also surge with a growing competitive landscape and high cost of manufacturing APIs in-house.


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