Global Active Packaging for Foods and Beverages Market: Inclination towards Fresh and Well Preserved Food and Beverages to Stoke Market Growth

Published On : 27 Nov 2018

Global active packaging for foods and beverages market is expected to witness a strong demand from all over the world in coming years due to significant growth of food and beverage industry. Over the years, mankind has never stopped finding new ways to entertain its taste buds. From killing animals and consuming it directly after grilling it fire to have ready to eat food, the world has witnessed a serious evolution when it comes to food and beverages. The same can be said for the packaging industry. The packaging industry has matched its speed with the ghastly growing food and beverage industry.  Active packaging has come to the rescue of various industries such as healthcare, personal care, and others. However, active packaging have proved to be boon for the food and beverage industry.

Ongoing Trend to Consume Western Food in Other Pockets of World Favors Market Growth

As world has started becoming one small town due to improved communication and faster way of transporting, people from different continents are appreciating each other culture which mainly consists of food. People from different pockets of the world have started liking western cuisine. This trend has significantly, increased the demand for western cuisine in various parts of the pocket. Understanding the demand rise, food and beverage manufacturers are relying heavily on active packaging as this helps in keeping the food and beverage safe, uncontaminated, fresh, and increases the shelf life of the products. It has been noticed that earlier, when traditional ways of packaging where used, there were cases when the food got directly in contact with the outer atmosphere. This resulted in bacteria to feed on the exposed food. Growing cases of food poisoning due to cheap packaging has compelled most of the food and beverage manufacturers to opt for active packaging.

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Functions Such As Antibacterial Property to Foster Market Growth

Active packaging consists of packaging functions which are beyond passive containment, and protection of product. Active packaging materials are known to discharge ethanol into meat and bakery products which are expected to constraint bacterial growth. Food manufacturers choose active packaging materials depending upon the food they are packaging. Rise in demand for ready-to-eat food, canned food, and processed food due to rise in working class people, and growing taste for western cuisine to favor the active packaging market. Rapid advancement in technology, presence of innovating packaging alternatives is anticipated to favor the market growth. Some of the new packaging material are advance enough to monitor time and temperature,  this type of advanced packaging also have antimicrobial properties. 

North America to Hold Major Share Due to Strict Rules Regarding Food and Beverage Packaging

Favorable initiatives undertaken by government to deliver quality food product is favoring the growth of the market. Various government agencies are imposing various food safety standards, and carrying inspection to check the quality of packaging are propelling food and beverages industry to adopt active packaging. On the basis of geography, North America holds the major share in active packaging market due to rising demand from nations such as Canada and the U.S. However, it has been noticed that Asia Pacific is to see a rise in demand due to rise in food and beverage industry in the region.  

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