Global A2P SMS Market: Adoption of A2P SMS Technology Continues to Rise owing to Rising Number of Mobile Subscribers

Published On : 29 Jul 2016

The global A2P SMS market is predicted to play an important role in the global mobile messaging market. The rising demand for real-time data from consumers is expected to encourage businesses to adopt A2P SMS technology for improving consumer confidence. Going forward, emerging countries are expected to offer promising growth opportunities for leading players operating in the global A2P SMS market. These findings, from a report recently added to the online market intelligence repository of, shows that the global A2P SMS market is set for rapid expansion in the years to come. 

The report, titled ‘Global A2P SMS Market Professional Survey Report 2016,’ states that the market will primarily benefit from the growing number of mobile subscribers and the rising use of application-to-person messaging. The research defines A2P SMS and then focuses on its specifications and classification. By highlighting various applications of A2P SMS, analysts have briefed readers about the industry chain structure. 

Highlighting current developments, the report talks about the changing trends likely to benefit the global A2P SMS market. The research also examines the major factors challenging the market. The emergence of social messaging applications is obstructing the usage of P2P SMS. However, the consistently growing market for A2P SMS will generate an increasing amount of SMS revenue over the next few years, predict the analysts. 

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The report highlights various services within A2P SMS technology. As per the findings of the report, currently, the transactional services segment is leading the global market for A2P SMS owing to the rising number of e-commerce transactions and retail service. The increasing adoption of mobile banking will also benefit transactional A2P SMS services. Globally, the rising mobile subscriber base is expected to play a key role in boosting the market for A2P SMS.  

After studying various products and applications, the research then moves on to the key companies operating in the global A2P SMS market. Some of the leading companies studied in the report are Syniverse Technologies, AMD Telecom S.A, FortyTwo Telecom AB, MBlox, Ogangi Corporation, Silverstreet BV, Tanla Solutions, Symsoft AB, Angkor Data, and Optimizer International. New product developments and the adoption of technological advancements will help key companies maintain their dominance in the market, predict the analysts. With this, the global market for A2P SMS is likely to become highly competitive. 

The research focuses on the leading players by considering their technical data and advancements in their research and development activities. To analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of leading players, an industry-standard tool, SWOT analysis, is used by the report’s authors. With the help of SWOT analysis, the feasibility of new projects is measured. 

The coverage of leading companies across various nations is studied to measure their dominance. For this purpose, the global A2P SMS market is regionally divided into Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, India, China, and Japan. The global A2P SMS market is highly competitive, with leading players as well as new entrants introducing their unique services. The feasibility of new projects is also studied in the report.

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