Demand for Enhanced Network Connectivity Globally to Drive Global 5G Testing Equipment Market

Published On : 04 Oct 2018

In light of the massive rise in the global consumption of digital data, which is projected to rise fourfold in the next five years, the 5G technology is likely to go beyond developments related to capacity and bandwidth, which remained the key focus of previous generations of wireless technologies. The technology is projected to provide high reliability, high density, and low latency in addition to increased capacity and bandwidth.

With the promise of a massive consumer base across a number of industries, with vastly different expectations from their data networks, the 5G market is also promised a vast set of unforeseen challenges before and after the rollout of the technology across the globe. This hints at the vast need for effective testing tools that ensure that solutions are either foolproof or are capable of handling a variety of challenges associated with aspects such as massive traffic, signal isolation, and interference. The global market for 5G testing equipment is thus expected to witness a promising growth trajectory in the next few years. 

Companies Pour Funds into Testing Services and Solutions to Ensure Delivery of Flawless 5G Services

In order to ensure that their services embody these capabilities to the best possible measures, companies venturing in the 5G technology sector have increased their focus on ensuring that they are capable of overcoming unforeseen challenges that are bound to crop up when the futuristic and complex technology is put to actual usage. The technology could also face additional complexity and challenges to be able to provide for applications with vastly different technological sets of requirements. This calls for the employment of reliable testing equipment that are capable of testing solutions and services across multiple dimensions such as smart cities and automated, driverless cars.

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North America to Continue to Provide Promising Growth Opportunities 

Based on equipment, the global 5G testing equipment market can be segmented broadly into signal generators, oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, and network analyzers. Of these, the segment of oscilloscopes is likely to account for the dominant share of the market in the next few years. The segment is likely to witness high demand on account of its vast usages in testing signal fluctuations. Based on geography, the global 5G testing equipment market is likely to gain the dominant share of its revenue from the market in North America owing to the high demand for better and more flawless network connectivity. 

The region will remain the leading contributor of revenue to the global market also owing to the presence of a large number of testing companies catering to the telecommunications sector. Stringent regulations pertaining to service quality and the well-developed telecommunications infrastructure are also expected to bode well for the regional market in the near future. In developed countries such as South Korea, Japan, and the U.S., all key operators are planning to launch 5G-based services during 2019. Thus these countries are also promising contributors of revenue opportunities to companies operating in the global 5G testing equipment market. 

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