Global 4G LTE Hotspot Market to Reap Benefits from Growing Usage of Internet Data Packets on Smart Phones

Published On : 07 Jun 2018

The global market for 4G LTE hotspot is expected to be driven by the increasing reliance of the masses on internet connectivity. Hotspot is a feature available on smart devices that enables one device to use the internet connectivity or data packets of the other when the two devices are proximate to each other. This feature is extremely useful for people who keep multiple smart devices and are reliant on the internet services of one of those devices. It is anticipated that the emergence of 4G LTE services would give a major boost the demand within the global market. The availability of high speed internet on a smart phones can be used to create a field of internet connectivity that several others devices can use. The hotspot feature is used by individuals more than companies or organizations because of the easy availability of packet data. Furthermore, the providers of 4G services have lowered their data rates, and this has given internet access to low-income groups as well. All of the aforementioned factors are expected to drive demand within the global market for 4G LTE Hotspot. 

This article aims to bring out the significance of the factors that contribute to the growth of the global market for 4G LTE hotspot. Furthermore, the forces that decide the direction of demand within the market have also been elucidated here. 

  • Personal Use

A major share of the total demand for 4G LTE hotspot comes from personal users of smart phones and laptops. Since the data packets available on the mobile network can be used to get internet connectivity for laptops and computers, several users prefer this option than getting separate internet ports for different devices. Furthermore, students, freelancers, and working professionals are the key users of hotspot services because of the easy and agility it offers. 

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  • Market in India and China

The IT and communications industry in India and China has been expanding at an astral rate over the past decade. The development of these industries has proved to be a boon for several domains such as internet services, Wi-Fi connectivity, and mobile data. Hence, the demand for 4G LTE hotspot in the regional markets of India and China has escalated to unprecedented heights in recent times. The presence of a young and vibrant pool of human resource in these countries has led international companies to outsource their work to freelancers, thus, giving a push to market growth. 

  • Strategies of Market Players

The market players in the global market for 4G LTE hotspot have been concentrating on brining about key changes to their services. The leading market players in the global market are expected to learn from their past experiences to strictly cater to the needs of the consumers. Some of the key players in the global market are Verizon(US)
AT&T, FreedomPop, T-Mobile, and Samsung. 
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