Extensive Demand for 4G LTE Solutions for Wireless Network Coverage bolsters 4G Equipment Uptake

Published On : 27 Nov 2018

World over, there has been staggering rise in volumes of network traffic both for personal and enterprise use. Concurrent with this, there have been persistent need for bridging the connectivity gaps in various applications that need high-end network services. Such application areas include virtual navigation, crisis management, multimedia and video services, telemedicine and education, and telegeoprocessing application. There is a growing adoption of 4G equipment in these applications. Rising investment by telecom providers on modern network technologies has offered increasing momentum to the evolution of the 4G equipment market.  

A study by QYResearchReports.com taking a closer of the various growth dynamics foresees vast potential in the 4G equipment market. Two broad areas where 4G equipment used are LTE (Long term Equipment) and Wi-max. Some of the new avenues where 4G equipment used are telemedicine and education, and telegeoprocessing application.

Spectacular Growth of Network Traffic underpinning Demand for 4G Equipment

Several telecom providers are focused on improving the indoor coverage. The explosive growth of network traffic is a key factor that has led to the adoption of 4G equipment. Over the past few years, there has been substantial uptake of LTE services offered by telecom players in various parts of developing countries. To meet the diversity of current consumer needs, several prominent operators are working intensively to bolster these technologies. This is evident in a number of countries of Asia Pacific. In particular in India, telecom providers have also entered into 4G network expansion contracts with telecom makers. In China, generous governments subsidies offered to equipment manufacturers have also provided a robust fillip to the growth of the market. 

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Despite the burgeoning demand for 4G equipment in LTE network expansion in several developing countries, several caveats have emerged that restrain the growth of the market. Rising concerns about data security and privacy related to 4G implementations has imparted major setback to the growth of the 4G equipment market. 

Countries in Developing Regions to witness Proliferating Demand for 4G Services 

On the regional front, a number of countries in developing and developed regions across the globe have emerged as vastly lucrative for players in the 4G equipment market. Countries such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, and Germany are expected to generate generous opportunities for telecom providers and equipment manufacturers. They are keen on adopting 4G technologies related to massive multiple-input, multiple-output, and network virtualization. 

The advent of 4G LTE solutions promising ultra-broadband connections has imparted big impetus to the demand for 4G equipment. Some of the key 4G equipment manufacturers are Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Ericsson Inc., Nokia Siemens Networks, and Alcatel-Lucent. Some other players vying for sizeable stake in the 4G equipment market are NEC Corp., Fujitsu Ltd., Cisco Systems Inc., and Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Company Limited. 

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