4D Printing Industry: New Report Provides Competitive and Geographical Analysis of Global Market

Published On : 15 Jun 2016

QYResearchReports.com has announced the addition of a new report to its rapidly growing online market intelligence repository. The report examines the global 4D printing market in detail, presenting to the readers data about the competitive dynamics of the market, the key segments of the market, and the influential factors affecting the trajectory of the market. The report is titled ‘Global 4D Printing Industry 2016 Market Research Report’ and is available for sale on the official website of QYResearchReports.com.

4D printing, which was inspired by the way plants react to various external stimuli, is a manufacturing technique that not only takes into account the three dimensions already taken care of in 3D printing, but adds a fourth one: Time.Sticking to the plant-derived origins of 4D printing, the process uses a material rich in cellulose, a substance found in abundance in plant cells and crucial in changing the structure of the plant in response to external stimuli. 4D printed objects are printed on a flat surface and swell to their intended shape when they are immersed in water. They can also adapt to the current of the water by changing their shape.

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4D printed objects have potential applications in various medical applications, including diapers and other baby wear that adapts to temperature changes and release of bodily fluids. Biocompatible organs that adapt to the body of the particular patient are another potential application of 4D printing.

The report provides a comprehensive review of the major players and their major products in the global 4D printing industry to give readers data about the level of technological innovation in the industry. The manufacturing cost structure of the 4D printing industry is also analyzed in the report. Technical data regarding the manufacturing process of 4D printing equipment is also provided in the report. The comprehensive data about the manufacturing cost structure of the industry and major players in the global 4D printing industry given in the report will help players figure out the best investment and collaboration opportunities.

The analysis of the manufacturing cost structure of the 4D printing industry given in the report incorporates labor costs, raw material costs, equipment costs, and other miscellaneous costs incurred during the manufacturing process of 4D printing equipment.

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Key players in the global 4D printing industry such as 3D Systems Corporation, Autodesk, HP, Stratasys, MIT, Exone, ARC Centre of Excellence for Electro materials Science, Materialise NV, Organovo Holdings, and Dassault Systemes SA are profiled in the report.

The chain structure of the global 4D printing industry is thus comprehensively examined in the report. Data on the regional 4D printing markets in the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan is supplied in the report to update the readers on where these industrial behemoths stand when it comes to advances in 4D printing. Recent industry events and news stories are also provided in the report to bring readers up to speed on the current dynamics of the industry.

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