Rise in Production of Automobiles Increases Uptake of 3D Time-of-Flight Image Sensors

Published On : 26 Sep 2016

QYReseachReports.com has recently announced the addition of a new research report to its online repository. The research report, titled “Global 3D time of flight image sensor market research report 2021,” offers a thorough understanding of the global 3D time of flight image sensor market. Researchers have used a SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats impacting the various segments of the global market. The 3D time-of-flight image sensors are used in the development of consumer electronics, medical care, industrial robots, aerospace and defense equipment, entertainment, security solutions, and automobile. Geographically, this market is segmented into North America, China, Europe, Japan, and Taiwan, and Korea. 

The research report also uses a Porter’s five forces analysis to determine the intensity of competitive rivalry in the global market. It explains the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers along with ascertaining the threat to the new entrants. The report calculates the revenues for the global 3D time-of-flight image sensor market’s revenues for the given forecast period and determines the market drivers and restraints that will impact it, in the coming years. The report discusses the shares of the aforementioned segments and determines the factors that will augment the demand for 3D time-of-flight image sensors in these segments.

The analysts have observed the growth of each of the application segments across various regions to provide a meaningful analysis of the reasons that are projected to propel each segment. It also states the rate at which these segments will grow. The researchers have factored in political and economic situations in these regions to determine the growth rates. Analysts predict that increasing production of automobiles and the rise if automation to be the two important factors driving the progress of the global market in recent times. Furthermore, the uptake of 3D time-of-flight image sensors in aerospace and defense sector is also anticipated work in favor of the market’s growth. 

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The research report has been collaborated using primary and secondary research methodologies. The information has been curated from journals, whitepapers, conferences, magazines, and interviews. The report also includes opinions of market experts that authenticate the information analyzed in the document. The researchers have simplified the presentation by putting complex calculations into tables, figures, and charts. It also explains the development of technology and assesses the trends in the overall market.

Some of the key players operating in the global 3D time-of-flight image sensor market are Microsoft Corporation, ASUSTeK Computer Inc, Infineon Technologies AG, Cognex Corporation, Intel Corporation, IFM Electronic GmbH, Microchip Technology Inc., LMI Technologies, Inc, Occipital, Inc., OmniVision Technologies, Inc., Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., SoftKinetic, and PMD Technologies AG. The research report profiles these players and provides a thorough analysis of their business and marketing strategies. Additionally, the document also explains the competitive landscape of the global market. It includes a holistic overview of the market and offers its readers recommendations to optimize on the possible opportunities in the market.



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