New Feature and Internet Connectivity to Expand Global 3D Television Market

Published On : 14 Jan 2019

Technological advancements have disrupted the way organization worked and countries progressed. Technology is now plays an integral part in most of the sectors and almost all the individuals depend on it. It has assisted in exploring different avenue from entertainment to sport or to defense. Talking about the entertainment industry, simple televisions sets were changed into smart televisions, 3D and LED. Smart television gave a boarder spectrum by introducing newer features. Smart televisions are connected with internet, which is not the case in the traditional television. The growing demand for 3D television, a market research company has analyzed that this market to reach in millions by the end of 2025. 

What factors has led the demand for 3D television?

Popularity of 3D movies has grown significantly in the past few years. Younger generation prefer 3D movies than compared to simple or HD movies. In addition, vast penetration of internet has accelerated the demand for 3D movies and videos. People can easily access 3D videos and movies on various online platforms as per their demand and at their feasible time. Therefore, rising penetration of internet has boosted the demand for 3D television. Adding further, prices of 3D television are expected to go down in the near future, which will augmented the demand for 3D televisions and fuel the market’s growth. The process of 3D television will reduce there, are higher chances of it to penetrate in developing regions and will help in increasing its customer base. Another factor determined for reducing cost is growing competition among the manufacturers operating in the 3D television market. By considering the above-mentioned factors, the global 3D television market is likely to grow at a significant rate. 

Developing countries to plays a crucial role in expanding the global 3D television market?

Countries in Asia Pacific regions such as Japan, China, and Korea are projected to accelerate the demand for 3D television in the coming years. This region is expected to hold larger share in the market due to the presence of key manufacturers operating in the regions. Moreover, growing popularity for 3D television is another factor driving the Asia Pacific 3D television market. Availability of 3D television at lower prices is also attracting people in these countries at a high rate. 

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North America and Europe are also expected to contribute substantially in this market. Technological advancement in 3D television took place from these regions. Manufacturers in these regions are using advanced and efficient technologies in these regions to expand key features at a lower cost. More importantly, players in this market are required to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology as they deliver the best to their customers. 

The report also presents vendor landscape in which some of the key players operating in the market are mentioned. For example, Panasonic Corporation, LG Corporation, Sony Corporation, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Samsung Electronics, Toshiba Corporation, TCL Corporation, and Sharp Corporation. 

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