Global 3D Sensors Market Driven by Acquisitions and New Product Launches

Published On : 01 Nov 2016

Recently, Vayyar Imaging was in the news as the company announced its launch of new 3D sensors for the smart homes. The new 3D sensors technology from Vayyar Imaging are designed to identify the known barriers to track, identify, and detect motions. This new 3D sensors technology offers camera-free monitoring. Advancements in the technology are predicted to help key companies in developing new 3D sensors. This is expected to generate incredible growth opportunities for the leading companies operating in the global 3D sensors market. These are some of the key findings of a new report added by to its database. 

The report, titled “Global 3D Sensors Market Research Report 2021,” briefs readers about 3D sensors, its specifications, applications, and types. The report highlights key companies operating in the global 3D sensors market, along with their new product developments, changing trends, acquisitions, and their competitive analysis. Leading companies are focusing on their expansion by increasing their share in the global market. By adopting new technologies and manufacturing tools, key companies are aiming to design and develop new 3D sensors to meet the rising demand from a variety of end users. Some companies are also aiming to acquire the startup companies, which is a vital growth factor for the global 3D sensor market. 

Strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses of leading companies are measured by the analysts in the report by using industry-standard tools such as Porter’s five force analysis and SWOT analysis. For a detailed competitive analysis, the key companies and their geographical reach are studied in the report. Various parameters are considered by the analysts to study the leading companies. The rising number of products in the pipeline is expected to help leading companies to maintain their dominance in the global market in the years to come.  Many leading companies are taking efforts to enhance their existing 3D sensors.  

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For a competitive analysis, the global 3D sensors market is segmented on the basis of type, region, and application. Based on region, the global 3D sensors market is divided into North America, and Europe, and many emerging nations. The demand for 3D sensors is expected to increase from Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan. Regionally, key companies are targeting the emerging nations to spread their services and introduce new 3D sensors. Key players are focusing on investing in research and development activities to develop new 3D sensors to match the changing trends. 

Infineon Technologies, Microchip Technology, Omnivision Technologies, PMD Technologies, Softkinetic, Asustek Computer, Cognex Corporation, IFM Electronic GmbH, Intel Corporation, LMI Technologies, Microsoft Corporation, and Occipital are some of the leading organizations operating in the global 3D sensors market. 

2016 was a good year for the global 3D sensors market, with many revolutions, changing trends, and new companies entering the mainstream. Going forward, the market will be benefited by technological breakthroughs and some biggest trends. The application of 3D sensors is increasing across many industries, which is another factor expected to contribute towards the growth of the global 3D sensors market. Manufacturers are taking efforts to enhance the features of their 3D sensors so as to increase the sales.



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