Zuckerberg Tries to Mend Fences with Telecom Industry at Barcelona Conference

Published By : 03 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Mark Zuckerberg is essentially keeping no stones unturned to mend fences with the telecom industry. After facing criticism that Facebook is typically hurting the conventional business model from carriers, Zukerberg struck, what many would say, a pacifying tone when he said that the only way to expand internet access was if carriers grow in revenue too. Zuckerberg said at the annual conference of the telecommunication industry organized at Barcelona that it is really important acknowledge the role played by telecom operators in the growth of internet access worldwide.

The remarks made by Facebook CEO in the conference appears to be addressing the concerns that his crusade of extending internet connection to billions of people across the world is at odds with his own services, since Facebook undermines the scope of generating increased revenue from texts and calls. 

Zuckerberg in the conference accepted that it’s an expensive work to build cellphone networks. He suggested that rapid expansion of operator’s business will create significant opportunities to accelerate the process of building cellphone networks. Apart from Mr. Zuckerberg, the conference was also attended by executives of three leading global operators, vis-à-vis, Telenor Group, Airtel, and Millicom International Cellular SA. Airtel is known to give its users free access to the Internet.org, an app developed by Facebook that offers easy access to local contents such as health information, and weather updates. 

Christian De Faria, Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Africa, said in the conference that the organization has benefited from their relation with Facebook, which has improved over the last year. The Internet.org app developed by the company has helped Airtel in acquiring new customers. Commenting on the relation with Facebook, De Faria said, that last year their relationship was more like the beauty and beast; however, with time the beast is becoming a human. De Faria hinted Facebook when he said beast. 
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