YouTube Announces New Channels Memberships, Premieres, & Merchandise

Published By : 22 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

YouTube has been bringing changes to its platform on a regular basis, and recent news says that they are going to introduce numerous additions to generate revenue. The new options are expected to gain lot of popularity apart from traditional advertising.

More Insights Regarding YouTube’s Latest Announcements

The new additions will help engage the fans better, and were announced at the VidCon conference in Anaheim, California yesterday. Channel memberships, merchandising, marketing partnerships through FameBit, and Premieres, are some of the new additions that were announced. Premieres offer a middle ground between pre-recorded, edited video and live streaming.

YouTube earlier had offered a Twitch-like ‘Sponsorship’ model on YouTube Gaming. This provided fans the ability to sponsor a channel, by giving them access to attractive digital features. This ultimately led to the emergence of YouTube memberships. However, in contrast to YouTube gaming, channel memberships also have additional requirements.

Creators will need to have about 100,000 subscribers or more, and need to be over 18 to be the members of the YouTube Partner Program. These memberships allow subscribers to gain access to member-only posts in the Community tab, where creators will distribute custom perks on a regular basis. Thus, the members will get access to live streams, additional videos, shout-outs, new upcoming events, and opportunity to get involved with ticket sales, among several other activities.

The company has ensured that YouTube will develop these additional features on a manual basis. They will also be developed by adhering to YouTube’s guidelines, and further progress can be made by the creator depending on what he/she in mind. According to the company’s Director of Product Management, Rohit Dhawan, the additions are like a blank canvas. The creators can choose their own tools and create interesting membership offerings. The feature has been launched in January for select creators, who already have begun generating revenue.

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