You Could Soon Text from the Internet Via Android Messages

Published By : 09 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google has used a three-tier system for its messaging apps viz. Allo for consumer chat, SMS for texting, and Hangouts for corporate messaging. However, these strategies were mere tools of communication that did not offer any extra utility to the users. The likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger were easily ahead of the messaging services offered by Google. In a recent advance made by Google, the company has revealed a new version of its messaging app, Android Messages. The App is designed with special focus on two vital feature: Computer messaging through the internet and Rich Communication Services (RCS).

Dual Benefits of Android Messages

Through internet-based computer messaging, the new app would be at par with the messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Allo. The idea is to allow the users to scan their QR codes at a webpage designed for the purpose and hence, connect their phones to the process. It has also been asserted by the company that multiple browsers and computers would be supported by these codes. Yet, this feature alone does not distinguish google from competitors because the features offered by other apps are still more engaging and nimble. To combat this shortcoming, RCS would give high resolution images, typing indicators, read receipts, and other features that the consumers look for in a messaging app.

Google has been far behind in the race of messaging apps. The prominence attained by other names is hard to break through. Hence, analysts do not want to overestimate the success of ‘Android Messages’. It would be interesting to see the place that this App takes in the messaging game. 

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