XGIMI’s New CC Aurora Projector looks Promising for its US$600 Price

Published By : 19 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

When it comes to projectors, there are many products available all over the world, offering similar features, and rather making it confusing for customers while they device to buy one. However, the latest CC Aurora Projector by XGIMI is perhaps a new breed of this device category, which is sure to excite most customers who would know all about it.

Fun, and Feature Filled Projector

The CC Aurora projector launched by XGIMI is substantially compact, with an in-built speaker system. These speakers might make even the worst song sound better, and are easily connectable to different mobile devices. The projector can also be connected to an external Bluetooth speaker, by long pressing the play/pause buttons. As per reports, the projector demands placement in a large room as compared to smaller ones, so that sound dispersion is at its best.

The back portion showcases a charging port along with a headphone jack. An HDMI output slot and a couple of USB input slots make up for the remaining area, wherein a pen drive or an external hard drive can be put in. Users can play through the system via numerous ways. The best way to do this is by downloading an iOS/Android app, which also becomes the controller. A separate controller device is also included in the pack along with the device. However, it is recommended to use one’s phone itself as the controlling device, and treat the provided one as a backup.

After setting up the projector, a menu dialogue box appears on the screen which depicts several apps such as YouTube and an Office reader. The latter is supposed to be useful for users who decide to use the projector for work-based processes. Services such as Netflix, BBC, and Facebook, can also be added through their respective mobile apps to the projector. However, setting the resolution might be slightly time consuming.

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