Worlds First Temperature-Controlled Mini City to be Built in Dubai

Published By : 14 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Dubai is a land that lays claim to many superlative firsts in the world. It is home to the tallest building and boasts the largest fish tank. And now, the plan is to build the largest indoor theme park and mall on the lines of a mini city. Nothing extraordinary about that, you might say. Except that this ‘mini-city’ will be the first such temperature controlled establishment in the world.

The shopping center, currently being called Mall of the World, will be spread over a sprawling 8 million sq ft. It will comprise 100 hotels, facilities for events, a medical resort, theatre district, and more that will be housed inside a protective shell - a retractable roof. Dubai Holding, the developer of the project said that this project will be built in a number of phases in keeping with the pace of the growth of family tourism industry in the city. The key goal is to attract shoppers from across the world - as many of 180 million of them annually. This will be supplemented by recreational activities, accommodation, entertainment and other luxuries that can be enjoyed without worrying about the elements of weather.

Dubai Holding is also looking to cash in on the growing trend of medical tourism market in the country, which attracts nearly 75,000 tourists annually from the United States alone. This ambitious project will feature a 3 million sq ft healthcare complex where cosmetic procedures and specialized surgery will be offered. 

However, worries about the real estate market boom in Dubai finally seeing a downward trend are being felt by the developers of Mall of the World. The central bank of the UAE warned in its annual stability report recently that the property market here was overheating.
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