World Economic Forum: Artificial Intelligence Sector to Face Deep Gender Gap

Published By : 19 Dec 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In the last few years, the penetration of artificial intelligence has changed the technology world with a promise of completely disrupting each and every industry, from retail and healthcare to transportation. However, a new research study presented by the World Economic Forum has suggested that the market is developing around the artificial intelligence has several problems that are quite similar to the rest of the corporate industry.

The report that has been presented by the World Economic Forum on Monday has showcased that the workforce of artificial intelligence in the U.S. has a dramatic gender gap. This gap is quite less than one-fourth of the roles in the industry that are being filled by women. Kay Firth-Butterfield, head of artificial intelligence and machine learning of World Economic Forum states that it is very crucial that those people who create artificial intelligence are representative of the people across the globe.

Firth-Butterfield further added that bias can enter the coding procedure, as a result a lack of diversity means they are not actually reflecting the overall population and they have a huge problem. Furthermore, the analysis has found that the artificial intelligence gender gap is almost three times that is larger than several other industry talent pools, and women in artificial intelligence are comparatively less. In addition, they are expected to be positioned in most of the high-profile senior positions. And the disparity has several real-world implications. The report adds that the diversity is expected to encourage innovations and further attract new technologies.

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