Women Taking Initiative in Construction Industry

Published By : 03 Sep 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to the 2013 reports, the construction industry and other related fields had around 7.1 million Americans employed, of which 2.6% were only women. However, The Western Slope is trying to bring a change to this by educating women who are interested in this field of industry. 

Lisa Huff is a traffic control supervisor at Grand Junction, Colo. and has been in the construction field for more than a decade. She says employment in the field of construction gives empowerment to women and it is good to have a job. Huff is in charge of maintaining employees on the road and ensuring cars take proper detours while the work is in progress. 

The Western Slope has introduced a chapter in Grand Junction based on the National Association of Women in Construction. It offers support and knowledge for women who plan to choose a career in construction.

Mitzi Kenyon seeks for support from other women and says it is nice to have ladies share their problem or vent out their troubles while they are employed. Kenyon has made substantial progress in proving the worth of women regarding undertaking a job; however, she still has to deal with comments from public doubting their abilities. Nevertheless, Mitzi has some advice for those people who feel low on their luck and encourages them to be tough and not give up. 

For more information on ways to reach the National Association of Women in Construction head, kindly log on to www.nawic.org. 
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