Wine Exports Register Healthy Rise, Especially in Terms of Value

Published By : 31 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Italian, Spanish, and French wines continued to register impressive returns in the export market, as the demand for wines around the world remained steady over the years. As per the figures released by the Dutch agri-bank Rabobank earlier this week, while the volumes registered by Italian and French wines dipped a little during the first quarter of the year, the market value however remained impressive and registered increase. 

The wine industry in France recorded a 2 per cent drop in terms of volume, but the industry soar by 6.3%. Likewise, the European markets, led by the United Kingdom continued to register meager growth, while sales in Asia and the United States were stronger than anticipated, with Champagne market performing exceedingly well. 

In terms of volume sales, Italy also registered a drop by 2.2 percent, however its market value increased by 3.8 per cent in lieu of collective collapse of prices of bulk wines and growth in expensive bottle packages. Sparkling wine market did incredibly well during this period, exhibiting a 23.5 per cent rise in terms of volume and 23.3 per cent rise in terms of market value. 

During the first half of the year Prosecco registered extraordinary growth. The sales of Prosecco in the U.S. alone was up by 40 per cent to a whopping US$100 million. The Prosecco sales in the U.S. stood only second to Champagne that registered a market value of US$132 million during the same time, exhibiting a rise of 10 per cent than its value recorded a year ago. 
Spain also has been registering a continued growth in exports, with an impressive 14.6% rise in market in terms of volume. However, based on market value, the wine industry in Spain registered only a positive 3.5 per cent rise. The bottled-wine shipment in the country grew by 0.5% in terms of volume, and by 5.9% on the basis of market value. 
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