Wind Turbines to Now Consist of another Secondary Rotor for Better Performance

Published By : 10 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Several aerospace specialists and engineers are engaged in developing a technology of dual rotor for improving and enhancing the energy harvesting levels of wind energy based turbines. The main rationale behind this is to come up with greater performance via the addition of an additional rotor in wind turbines. This idea however was the one that came from a study that was conducted previously. The scientists and researchers made use of wind tunnel trials for observing how valleys and hills and also the positioning of turbines have a direct impact on the productive capacity of wind farms that are based onshore. 

A professor from the Iowa State University working at the department of aerospace engineering stated that the very first thing to do was examine the base of the turbine blades. These are essentially round, structured and big components, and the shape does not resemble an airfoil. As a result, these are not very effective when it comes to energy harvesting. This therefore decreases the energy harvest of the turbine by almost 5%. Furthermore, the huge blades disrupt the wind flow and create a certain wake behind the same and therefore the energy harvest comes down of the downwind turbines. The professor also expressed that a turbine placed in another’s slipstream has the capacity to lose 8% to almost 40% of the energy produced by it. That, however depends immensely on the prevailing conditions. 

As a solution to this problem, the professors and researchers at the Iowa State University added a small secondary rotor to the turbine. One of the models consists of three main huge blades and also three small or mini blades placed in that hub itself. In case of the other one, there was a small and secondary rotor that was mounted right in the front portion of the huge rotor. The two blade sets are basically separated by a nacelle that consists of the generating machine placed on the tower top. 
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