Wind Turbine that can Generate Power without Blades

Published By : 19 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The growing interest in the field of renewable energy has laid to several innovative technologies in the past few decades. One such innovation is the three pronged metal wind turbines which are white in color. These are dotted across many open landscapes.

However, a latest innovation which is set to surpass the three pronged wind turbines is from a startup company from Spain. This innovation is called Vortex Bladeless which is a new kind of turbine and looks quite different. This innovation has the potential to be more affordable and effective. This wind generator looks like a giant straw on the ground and is capable of harnessing energy without the need for any rotation type windmill blades. 

The Vortex Bladeless is designed to vibrate in the wind to the fullest. Consider it is similar to a guitar string whose vibrations are then gets converted into stored energy. As per the company’s site these turbines are around 53 per cent cheaper to make and around 51 per cent cheaper in terms of operation compared to the traditional wind turbines.

This is due to their lack of parts which move. Also, there are not much components in this new wind turbine design which can break. The company’s present model is a 41 foot Vortex Mini tube which captures around 30 per cent less energy as compared to the traditional wind tube. However, it is more densely packed in a landscape.

This organization has raised around US$1 million dollar from the nation’s government and several private investor and will be attracting more investment in a crowd funding event.
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