Wind Power Production in Scotland Smash Records

Published By : 24 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

New data has revealed that wind power produced enough electricity to meet the electricity needs of an average of 124% of homes in Scotland over the period between January and June 2017. Over this period, wind power in the country sent over 6.6 mn megawatt hours of electricity to the country’s National Grid, enough power to suffice the needs of over three mn Scottish homes.

This is a massive 24% rise in wind power produced in the country as compared to the previous record of wind power generated over the period between January 2015 and June 2015. In June 2017 alone, wind turbines in the country produced nearly 1,039,001 megawatt hours of electricity to the country’s National Grid.

The figures that have surfaced are owing to analysis of Weather Energy data by WWF Scotland., Acting director of WWF Scotland, Sam Gardner, said in a statement that the first half of 2017 has proved to be incredible for the renewables sector, with the wind power sector alone helping the country avoid millions of tonnes of carbon emissions. Gardener added that the country continues to break renewable energy records, attracting massive investments, helping create new jobs, and tackling the issues concerned with climate change.

The Scottish government has noted the country has 25% of Europe’s offshore wind resources. Also, there are over 58,000 jobs in the country’s renewable energy and low carbon economy. The country is also looking into ways of reaping the same benefits in the heating and transport sector through strong policies on transport and energy efficiency. 

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