Why the Healthcare Sector has been Skeptical about Adopting IT Solutions

Published By : 18 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In comparison to other industries, the health care sector has been rather slow in adopting technological advances pertaining to data collection, storage, management, and processing, as well as the interconnection of data networks between different health care providers, health care facilities, and other significant stakeholders within the health care sector. Networking and digitization has become an integral part of almost every industry. However, several health care institutions are still managing massive amounts of patient data on paper records. This lack of information digitization by health care facilities makes it difficult to transmit information across different systems. 

Traditionally, the health care industry boasts of immensely fragmented technology systems and infrastructure. In addition, the growing concern of data security in the health care industry has made companies rather skeptical about the adoption and integration of IT solutions. This has made it extremely cumbersome to share important data with other segments of the health care sector.

However, several health care reforms of late have made it necessary for companies within the health care industry to modernize traditional infrastructure and adopt electronic health records in order to make their facilities more compliant with digital advancements and interventions. 

Health care cloud computing has emerged as the core of this digital transformation of the health care industry. There has been an overwhelming surge in interest among health care competitors regarding the countless benefits of cloud computing and the immense potential that this networking platform has in improving the efficiency of so many health care processes. In the next couple of years, cloud computing is anticipated to experience rapid and large scale integration within the health care sector. The growing scope of cloud computing in this industry can be gauged by the rate at which different end users have adopted cloud-based offerings. Cloud computing is considered to be the best suited solution for effective digitization of the field of health care.

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