Why is Pokémon Go an Inkling of the Future of Augmented Reality?

Published By : 14 Jul 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Pokémon Go, an augmented reality-based mobile game has been introduced by the developer Niantic Labs and Nintendo. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms within select nations. This application went live in New Zealand and Australia at first and was later launched in the U.S. The launch of this game is actually taking the world by a storm.

Pokémon Go Makes Players Dive into Nostalgia

The newly launched Pokémon Go isn’t for Nintendo handheld consoles, unlike the previous versions of Pokémon games, in fact it is available free of cost for both iOS and Android devices. Originally, Pokémon is a Nintendo franchise that was introduced back in the 1990s. Back then, the game featured trainers travelling the world for catching various kinds of monsters such as Pokémon sword like creatures, dragons, rats, and more. The goal of the trainer was to catch all of them and emerge as a Pokémon master by the defeat of renowned trainers called as Elite Four and gym leaders.

The newly launched Pokémon Go is very different to play as compared to the previously launched Pokémon games. In this, although the aim is the same, to catch all critters, but this one is an augmented reality game. This means that the new Pokémon Go features the mix of real-world elements within the game.

Use of Phone’s GPS: A Major Standout in Pokémon Go

The key functionality of Pokémon Go to utilize the GPS of the player’s phone for deciding on the type of Pokémon that will appear within that particular game has come up as a big hit. For instance, if the player is sitting in a park, the game will display the Pokémon bug and various other types of grasses would appear on the mobile screen. In the same way, beside a sea, different water types are displayed, while at night, fairy kinds and nocturnal ghosts appear. This way, Pokémon doesn’t come up to the player, infact the player will have to explore the world in order to reach it.

Another great feature of this game lies in its gyms, wherein the players can fight with gym leaders. Furthermore, there are Pokéstops and these are based on real-world places, thus creating a hub for the players to meet. Real money is used for buying things to attract Pokémon to Pokéstops.

Games such as Life Is Crime and Ingress are also augmented reality games that were previously launched, however they weren’t able to excel much. Pokémon Go, therefore, has emerged as the 1st BIG game based on augmented reality and the upcoming versions of it may just stun us beyond reality!

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