Why Galaxy S8 and S8+ Features FM Tuner

Published By : 18 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ offers long displays, a convenient app drawer on the edge, and curved edge. One can find these features swiping through menus and apps. You can get total free music and there is no data necessary. It is the FM tuner! The U.S version of both S8 and S+ features an unlocked FM tuner which is ready for immediate use. However, only a few users know about it. FM tuners are rare in high budget phones but they are common in budget phones. Samsung’s FM tuner is suitable with Play Store’s app which supports terrestrial radio stations. One of the most popular FM radio app available on Android is Nextradio.

Free FM Radio Requiring No Data

Nextradio offers advanced features making the FM radio option seem like a streaming music app. It offers a station guide finding all local stations and even arranges them name wise and gives related information. The app has a basic tuner for navigating between station numbers and supports audio outputting through the speakers of the device, inspite of the earbuds plugged in. Some of you may wonder why make use of FM radio in times of on-demand streaming music. The answer is unlike the streaming apps, FM radio does not require any data and it is free! You don’t even need an account. So, switch on the radio app and any local free OTA music and you can access broadcasts, live DJ, and local events.

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