Why Breweries are Zeroing In on Asia Pacific

Published By : 27 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Until the past couple of years, most beer manufacturers have rarely, if ever, ventured outside Europe and North America for the sole reason that premium beer has very few takers anywhere else. However, that trend is rapidly changing and beer makers from across the globe are now focusing on the Asia Pacific beer market – region that has been more than welcoming to new and established players. 

When it comes to production in and export to the Asia Pacific region, the beer industry has several forces that work in its favor, the most primary one being that the rise of the new middle class now has better affordability for more and premium quality beer. 

Rise of the Middle Class

The Asia Pacific region is home to a massive population of middle class citizens who can, on a more regular basis, afford premium beer. Emerging economies in Asia Pacific such as India and China have been growing at a rather rapid pace and this has allowed the countries to earn greater revenue. This translates to higher disposable income for individuals and families too. Being the most densely population countries in the world, China and India can definitely drive the Asia Pacific beer market to be more fruitful in the coming years. 

Growing Consumption of Beer 

The most important growth drivers of the Asia Pacific beer market at present are increasing number of locations that sell beer and rising levels of disposable income. Beer is being sold at retail stores, restaurants, clubs, convenience stores, alcohol stores, and bars. This surge in availability of beer can be attributed to the rousing acceptance and influence of the West, a major influence being frequency in drinking habits. The only factor that as of now has the potential to actually limit the Asia Pacific beer market is serving of alcoholic beer in only specific locations and imposition of strict regulations over the alcohol content in beer. 

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