Why Apple Pay Coming to Websites is a Huge Deal

Published By : 14 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

On Monday Apple Inc. announced that it will be expanding its Apple Pay feature from apps to websites on mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers. It was reported in March this year that Apple would be introducing the payment system to mobile websites by the time winter hits. The company was also considering bringing the payment feature to desktop websites as well. And now it seems like both those are happening sooner than one had expected.

How Apple Pay has Worked Up to Now

There have been two ways that Apple Pay has been working up until its announcement on Monday. iPhone users could use the feature to purchase things in apps without the need of typing in shipping information or payment card details. People could also feed information pertaining to their debit card or credit card into the system and then tap and make payments with their iPhones in any of the participating stores. 

What Impact will the Expansion of Apple Pay Have?

The expansion of the Apple Pay feature to websites on mobile phones and desktop computers is likely to have a much bigger impact on consumers today compared to previous cases. During the holiday shopping season last year, retailers reported a 20 per cent increase in consumer visits to mobile websites compared to mobile apps. And most of the retail traffic continues to stem from desktop websites. Previously, the fingerprint sensor on iPhones was used to ensure that the payment transaction is more secure. With the expansion of the feature to websites, the fingerprint sensor will be integrated in a slightly different manner. Users who wish to shop on a Mac computer using Apple Pay will get a notification on their iPhone in order to confirm the transaction. This transaction will be authenticated by the user pressing his finger to the fingerprint sensor on the phone. 

One of the important reasons why Apple Pay has been pitched to retailers for use on the mobile web is to convert people merely browsing through shopping websites into actual buyers. 

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