Who’s Making a Mark in the Automotive Airbag Market?

Published By : 19 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Consumer and passenger safety is absolutely key in automotive design and players have been paying increasing attention to this feature. This focus point has greatly driven the automotive airbag market. This market is further stimulated by the increasing number of safety norms being issued in major markets such as Japan, Western Europe, and the US. 

Airbags are placed in various locations in a vehicle. There are passenger airbags, side curtain airbags, driver airbags, knee airbags, and side airbags. Technological advancements have driven leading automobile manufacturers to heavily invest in sophisticated airbags. And while there are several players manufacturing automotive airbags today, there are very few who have actually made a mark in the industry. 

Autoliv currently accounts for a 25.0 per cent share in the automotive airbags market in the US and is the largest supplier of airbags in Europe. Autoliv specializes in passive safety and active safety airbags and has a strong presence for all types of automotive airbags and accessories such as curtain airbags, knee airbags, inflators, passenger airbags, drive airbags, and side airbags. 

Delphi Automotive PLC is an international supplier of technology and electronics for commercial vehicles and passenger cars, and is one of the most notable suppliers of airbags. Keeping in mind the unique and different architectures in a wide range of vehicles, Delphi caters to the growing safety and innovation demands.

TRW Automotive Holdings Corporation is also a global manufacturer and distributor of automotive airbags, providing a wide range of technologically forward airbag systems. These systems can be integrated with several other safety systems that are used in vehicles today. The product line of TRW also features external airbags that can protect the passenger and driver from a side impact collision. Rear airbags mounted on the roof and those mounted on the rear of the front seat are also concepts developed by TRW.

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