WhatsApp’s launches its Business App in Select Markets before Worldwide Rollout

Published By : 19 Jan 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It is a significant day for WhatsApp as the company has officially launched its new WhatsApp Business app in specific markets. The countries where this app has been launched are: U.S., U.K., Italy, Mexico, and Indonesia. The app is mainly meant for addition of business profiles, along with messaging tools that target a business’ clients and customers.

WhatsApp Hopes to Achieve Better Business Connectivity with its Business App

The business app would essentially charge large companies and enterprises in order to unlock the availability of advanced tools, in order to converse with customers and clients on its platform, which is now extensively utilized by more than 1 billion users across the globe.

For its initial release, the WhatsApp Business app is being targeted at smaller businesses though its free platform, in contrast to its paid version. The free app enables better communication amongst between businesses and their clientele, by setting up their official existence on WhatsApp’s service. Rather, in an essential manner, the business app is WhatsApp’s version of a Facebook Page. The WhatsApp Business app was announced in September last year, when it was dealing with verifying business accounts as a part of its program to set up the business app. Whichever accounts were positively verified, they were marked with a green tick, after confirming their authenticity.

While starting to use the new WhatsApp Business app, companies need to set up their business profiles by filling standard information sections such as a business description, address, website, email, and other details. Initially, the companies will be listed as ‘Business Accounts’, and after WhatsApp verifies the account phone number registered, the listing will change to ‘Confirmed Accounts’. After setting up their business networks on the WhatsApp Business app, businesses can make use of numerous smart messaging tools and other features, which is similar to those present in Facebook Messenger.

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