WhatsApp to Revamp Groups to Competitive With Telegram

Published By : 16 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

With a new VP from Internet.org appointed as the latest head of WhatsApp after CEO Jan Korum left the company, new winds of change are blowing for the chatting app giant. Followed by this change at the head level of WhatsApp, its owner Facebook now wants to expand the company’s reach by attracting more people into ‘meaningful’ groups.

WhatsApp made the announcement today that involves release of new features that can enable Group Admins to set a particular description for their community, as well decide who can change the Group settings. Users will be able to get a Group catch up that shows messages where their name is mentioned. In this way, searching for particular users, message topics, and specific content is expected to become easier in a WhatsApp group.

These improvements introduced today are projected to make the chatting app compete highly with Telegram. This is mainly because of the latter’s rising popularity among the masses as a preferred chatting platform, especially when it comes to discussing cryptocurrency-based topics. For now, Telegram has provided numerous controls to its group admins. It’s just a matter of time to see which of these two platforms comes out as a most lucrative one.

According to a spokesperson from WhatsApp, the new features are based on specific user requests. The company wants to develop what the users need by utilizing the WhatsApp platform, in order to attract more users, and retain the existing ones. According to the spokesperson, many people are relying on WhatsApp groups to get their work done ranging from social collaborations and teaching to providing help to the injured and getting to know new people.

These requests are all a part of Facebook to get at least 1 billion users into their various groups, and has now recently crosses a milestone of nearly 200 million.

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