WhatsApp Resumes Services after 1 Hour of Global Outage

Published By : 01 Dec 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging app, had been down yesterday for nearly an hour, according to complaints lodged by daily users. Although the outage lasted for a brief period of time, nearly one billion users had been affected by it. The down detector website had received scores of complaints from unhappy consumers of the social media app. However, the Facebook-owned messaging app company had been quick to acknowledge the issue and find a solution for it. Eventually, the company had fixed the issue and access to the app has now been resumed. Facebook had owned the messaging app back in 2014 for US$19.0 bn.

WhatsApp’s Third Major Worldwide Outage in Last Two Months

The down detector website has highlighted Brazil and Europe as regions with the most acute level of the WhatsApp outage which lasted less than an hour. One of the functionalities of the website is to track disruptions in various telecommunication services. Furthermore, it has pointed out large strips of Asia, including Indonesia and Malaysia, and South India to have been affected by the downtime. Yet, there had been more geographies including parts of Africa, South America, Mexico, and the U.S. that suffered the downtime. WhatsApp users had complained about not being able to send or receive messages using the app, while few others had not even been able to open the app.

Hashtags of #WhatsAppdown and #WhatsAppisdown had started to trend soon after the outage. Frustrated users took to social media, especially Twitter, to share their views about the outage.

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