WhatsApp Denies Permanent Ban

Published By : 09 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The news of WhatsApp service being banned for unofficial third-party services stirred a panic amongst users. However, it turns out that the ban is not a permanent one. A source close to the matter stated that there will not be a permanent ban, but just for a while until user has removed the third-part client. The move comes as the company continues to block out the illegal services. 

WhatsApp which was bought by Facebook has started giving out 24-hour notices to users who have third-party services such as WhatsAppMD and WhatsApp+ as they are not authorized. The users will get back their official WhatsApp upon uninstalling the unauthorized application. All they will have to do is to redownload it from respective application stores. All the queries regarding the same have been answered on the official WhatApp website in an FAQ. It was only last week that a post appeared on WhatsApp's Google+ page that announced a “Permanent Account Disable” leading to a "lifetime ban", which created a huge panic.

In reality, users have only been warned and those who were warned more than once got caught in the temporary ban. However, after these users uninstalled the third-party applications, they could easily go back to using the good old WhatsApp again. The company at no point intends to have a "lifetime ban" as it would only mean alienating their clientele.

However, this does not address the real problem of app vs the users who are looking for more features than what is being offered. In the light of recent event it does look like WhatsApp could after all start listening to its users, just as it is with voice calling feature. 
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