What Makes Test Automation so Successful? Factors Fuelling Global Test Automation Market’s Growth

Published By : 12 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

An important, yet usually undervalued element of software development is software testing. If bugs were really easy to locate, they wouldn’t have existed in the first place. For a software to be tested, a tester has to think out of the box and locate possible bugs. Test automation, the process of using specially designed software to execute numerous tests in software testing, is in demand across the globe. Thanks to test automation, software developers are able to introduce new software with minimum or no bugs. At present, the global test automation market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the technology and media industry. 

The global test automation market is experiencing a healthy growth as companies are focusing on increasing their IT spending on quality assurance and software testing. What makes test automation so successful in the global market?

  • The availability of many types of test automation solutions has contributed towards the growth of the global test automation market.  
  • Going forward, the increasing trend of cloud-based and mobile applications is expected to contribute towards the growth of the global test automation market.
  • The increasing use of various types of software testing such as functional testing, web services testing, configuration testing, load testing, mobile application testing, compatibility testing, platform testing, and others is also expected to boost the global test automation market in the years to come.

Factors such as high operational cost and high time frame required to set up suitable test labs might hamper the growth of the global market for test automation in the next few years. 

Test automation allows a project or a new software to move forward even if many contributions are made. Broad automation testing with required amount of depth and analysis always keep the software or product stable. A good strategy and the right kind of test automation will always keep the product or the software away from bugs. The increasing trend of digitalization has supported the recognition of quality assurance and software testing across the globe. The increasing mobile applications in the fields of productivity, communications, and multimedia travel is expected to increase the demand for testing services.    

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