Westpac Developed a Unique Banking App

Published By : 07 Aug 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Westpac has developed a banking app that uses improved reality for account management. This app is an interactive platform that helps users make payments, find the closest branch or ATM, and categorize the spending appropriately. All that needs to be done is slide a debit or credit card in front of a phone’s camera and witness the visual 3D graphics of transactions, balances, spend locations, and other miscellaneous data appear on screen. 

The app is anticipated to be made available to customers in the next month. It was considered as the winning concept in the banking sector and amongst the crowd-sourcing initiative in Britain. 

Simon Pomeroy commented that this concept was earlier a futuristic prop in the movies. Simon is a digital officer at Westpac and said the app had the potential to revolutionize the mobile phone and internet world. He further said that this technology has the efficiency to be integrated with the wearable Google Glass and the bank is already in the process of conducting tests with an ordinary balance-checking voice-commanded application for the micro-computer before making it available to the public. 

Furthermore, the Android-based devices will be equipped with the iOS reality application by the end of this year. The current format is just the initial update which includes transfers and payments between the accounts, he added. 

Nevertheless, Westpac’s miscellaneous digital innovations also include a digital wallet Smartphone app that is used for making contactless payments on the move. This application is a big leap in an industry-wide collaboration of technology.
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