Wellington Airport Proposed up in the Northern Hills

Published By : 10 Feb 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to Greater Wellington Regional Council chairwoman Fran Wilde, a proposal has been undertaken to relocate the Wellington Airport to the hills of the North of Newlands. Even Richard Burrell, the property investor of Wellington airport believes that the site/farmlands of North of Newlands make a better site for Wellington Airport.  

This entire plan for relocation has been termed an “exciting and worth investing” idea by the Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee. 

However, Mr Burrell said a brand new airport with a longer runway would have some significant economic benefits for the region. He even added that engineers and surveyors of this airport plan assessed the proposal with a 2.4 kilometer runway. In this manner, the runway would be able to handle long-haul flights standby between Grenada North and Newlands on farmland at Hunter Hills. 

The estimate for this new airport is about $750 million, which is far less than the estimated costing about $1.1 billion involving the improvement to road links to the airport and extending the runway. 

This overall costing and planning to build the new airport would do away the need for expensive roadworks, all the extra $300 million that is required to extend the current runway of the Wellington City, including areas at a second Mt. Victoria tunnel. 

It was observed that if the current Wellington Airport was closed down, the acres of land could be sold off for housing leaving behind a capital saving of around $500m, said Mr Burrell. 
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