Weirdest Gadgets at CES 2015

Published By : 08 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a hotbed for the wonderful as well as the weird. 2015 saw the release of the wonderful in the form of Lenovo’s ThinkPad Stack, Intel’s Curie computer, and numerous hydrogen-powered cars. However, the expo was not without its fair share of quirks and oddities. Here’s a few of them.


1. Edwin the Duck: A bath tub rubber duck is a staple in every bathroom, but pi labs has gone out to revamp the traditional version. The new ‘Edwin’ comes with an inbuilt waterproof speaker for story time, and a thermometer to warn parents when the water is too hot. Some parents may resent being replaced with a rubber duck for storytelling, and you don’t actually need a thermometer to gauge the warmth of bathwater, but who cares?


2. Pacifi Smart Pacifier: Like the rubber duck, the pacifier is a vital need in every home with a baby. BlueMaestro, though, have decided to come up with a Bluetooth-enabled pacifier. The Smart Pacifier comes with an inbuilt thermometer that can alert parents when the baby is too cold or too hot: things that, like bathwater, most parents can learn by touching.


3. Baby GiGl: Another gem in babycare, the GiGl is a sleeve for baby bottles. It measures how much milk the baby has consumed and lets smartphone-wielding parents know through an app. It also measures the angle at which the bottle is being held and offers feedback to minimize air ingestion. In other words, it does what every mother in the world has been doing for generations: keeping an eye on their baby.

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