Weill Cornell Medicine to Aid Set up Clinic in China

Published By : 13 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Weill Cornell Medicine, a global leader dedicated to enhancing human health around the world has entered into a treaty with Top Spring Huaxia Medical Investment to set up a modern clinic for outpatient diagnostics in China.

According to the agreement, Weill Cornell Medicine and Top Spring Huaxia Medical will collaborate to create the clinic in Shenzhen, which is the fourth largest city in China. On the business aspect, Top Spring Huaxia Medical is a diverse enterprise that has expertise in property development, finance, and healthcare. 

Weill Cornell Medicine is one of the very few American academic medical institutions engaging with Chinese healthcare. In this pursuit Weill Cornell will take advantage of its expertise in clinical care and on-going medical education to offer insights in the planning process for the clinic. The celebration of the signing of the agreement was held in Beijing on November 4, which was attended by officials of Top Spring Huaxia Medical and Weill Cornell Medicine.

In the pursuit for creating a modern clinic in China, Weill Cornell will work with New York Presbyterian Hospital, which has one of the most comprehensive healthcare delivery solutions in the country. With the help of New York Presbyterian, Weill Cornell will conduct a feasibility study to determine the best structure for the clinic and the medical specialties and diagnostic capabilities that should be part of the clinic. 

As envisioned earlier, the offerings of the clinic include advanced patient care which will incorporate Western medical standards, guidelines for practice and innovations, and leadership of Weill Cornell Medicine for standards and protocols. In addition to this, Weill Cornell Medicine will aid in the creation of a center for on-going education for practicing physicians to be spread on one full floor of the facility. Herein, practicing doctors in China’s Shenzhen and other regions will learn about the latest practice techniques and standards used in the West across many specialties.

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