Wearables for Foresight of Cardiovascular Diseases

Published By : 24 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A small in size wristband that has a sensor can warn of cardiovascular disease before it becomes serious. The device which is developed by medical technology startup based in Boston Quanttus.

The device has the feature to collect 50 million data points and 400,000 measurements of vital signs unique to each person per day. This gives invaluable insights about a person’s health. 

The founder of the company commented, the technology was developed owing to growing health concerns. The founder also commented, it is shocking that some of the best data is collected before and after emergencies a trend that needs to be changed.

As per World Health Organization statistics, one thirds of deaths worldwide are linked to one billion people that suffer from cardiovascular and high blood pressure diseases. The founder further commented, the technology can help foresight of a responsive healthcare system.

The solution developed by Quanttus is deployable; it is small in size, loaded with a sensor and is a look alike of a fitness wristband. The founder further commented that the human body is an intelligent system that produces signal throughout that can be captured with the device.

As per the founder, it was never before possible to capture signals that were contextual and relevant. The technology from Quanttus is currently being tested at Massachusetts General Hospital located in Boston.  The data that is captured from the device already reveals that unsuccessful dip in blood pressure during sleep is already a sign of mortality. Such data can help significantly with predicting cardiovascular diseases. 
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