Wearable Technology to Alert about Sexual Assault

Published By : 01 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A wearable sensor which alerts about the safety of a person by sending the location details to the safety circle has been developed by Manisha Mohan at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), of Indian origin. Manisha has developed a hydrogel sensor strip which can be attached in any clothing. The clipper is washable and can tag onto any material. It is made up of a conductive, non-conductive-conductive layer and is attached with a hydrogel. Thus, electric short is not possible.

The sensor in the strip sends a message to the user’s phone when sexual assault occurs. Removal of clothes, pulling of the fabric of the cloth, enables a pop up message on the phone screen asking “Do you consent or not?” If unanswered, within 30 seconds the phone starts buzzing, if the user still does not respond to the message in 20 seconds, an alert is sent to every person on the safety circle of the woman, along with a geo location. In addition to this, one person gets a call from the app.

The moment the person receives the call, he/she can listen to the noise around and the conversation even gets recorded for the purpose of use as legal evidence. As per the MIT one person in the US is abused sexually every 98 seconds and every 16 hours a woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner. Sexual assault, harassment, and abuse have become extremely common and thus, Manisha, who is a former automobile engineer from India has tried to solve a social issue with technology. 

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