Walmart-Flipkart to Venture Aggressively in Food Business

Published By : 22 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The proposed Walmart-Flipkart is planning to make a powerful start in the food Industry. Walmart is chalking out a plan to invest heavily in the Indian market to create a robust back-end food and grocery infrastructure in an effort to gain the top spot in the online and offline market for food retail in India. As of now, Walmart lags behind Amazon, it main rival, in its strategies for vending food items directly to Indian consumers.

Last year Amazon received the approval of the Indian Government to start a venture for the trading of locally produced and packaged food products through online and offline channels. The fully-owned subsidiary of Amazon in this country, Amazon India Retail Pvt. Ltd., is presently vending food items online in Pune, Maharashtra, on a pilot basis. The company is also on the lookout for a robust brick-and-mortar presence in the country and is in talks with a number players, the Future Group being the most prominent one amongst them.

As per a source close to Walmart-Flipkart, a substantial portion of the proposed investment of Walmart in Flipkart will be utilized to establish suitable infrastructure, which include food parks, sorting and grading facilities, collection centers, cold chain, and various centers for food excellence and other allied facilities. These chalked out investment plans are according to the greater push of Walmart, globally, in the food retailing business for future growth.

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