Walmart to Incorporate Flipkart’s Tech Expertise

Published By : 12 Dec 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Walmart has decided to take up Flipkart’s expertise to develop web applications. This ongoing project is aimed at a hassle-free shopping experience with cheaper phones and low bandwidth. Walmart is now planning to approach Flipkart to ensure excellent collaboration between them in the future.

Flipkart is the first one in the world to work on tapping into small town consumers through their web and mobile app. They successfully reached to the level to gain more consumers after inventing 100 kilobyte app. Walmart listed their zone of interests lie between data analytics and web apps. They have also added that Flipkart did really well by combining both limited disk space and cheap smartphones in 2015.

Walmart Focus Areas for Better Business in India

Walmart has clearly conveyed that merging with Flipkart’s tech expertise will not cause any distraction for both of them. The world’s largest retailer is now banking upon Flipkart to win the Indian market. Walmart is designing the structures through which all the businesses across the globe can share their technology and ideas.

In August, Walmart acquired Flipkart for$16-billion. They are constantly trying to make a topnotch e-commerce hub in India through wanting to work together. They also added that India played a major role in technology ecosystem of Walmart. Almost 2000 people from India hold the position of lab division for Walmart in Bangalore. It is the main hub of Walmart in India as the location has all the teams for their Four CIOs/CTOs.

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